If you're not one of the 19.8 million viewers tuning in weekly to CBS's "The Big Bang Theory," you've probably heard about the zany show, which ranks as TV's most popular sitcom. Bazinganomics (a play on the show's character Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase 'BAZINGA!') is an economics pop culture teaching project being continually improved upon by teaching specialists from around the country. The purpose of Bazinganomics is to provide educators with video clips from a popular television program that can be used in the classroom to help facilitate engagement. We hope that Bazinganomics will help instructors show students that economics is everywhere, even in a show all about physics!

The collaborators on this project include James Tierney, Wayne Geerling, & Jadrian Wooten from Penn State University, Dirk Mateer from the University of Arizona, and Ben Smith from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Contact information for the collaborators can be found on the press section of the website. The project is an independent endeavor and unassociated with our host institutions.

We started this project in order to add to the already beneficial resources available online that connect pop culture to economic concepts. Websites already exist on The Economics of Seinfeld and The Economics of The Office. 

As The Big Bang Theory continues into its eighth season, more and more examples of economic topics continue to pop up. As the clips roll in we will be adding them to the collection. You can start by searching for any economics topic or character from The Big Bang Theory above or view all of our clips here

All clips and descriptions are used under Fair Use. If you know of a BBT clip that is not on Bazinganomics, feel free to submit it by clicking here. The clips are stored at www.criticalcommons.org along with many more videos that help teach economic concepts. As an instructor you can get an account at CriticalCommons that will enable you to download every clip to use them to teach various topics.